Best Jewelry for your Face Shape

Best Jewelry for your Face Shape

Have you ever wondered if there are certain pieces of jewelry (particularly earrings and necklaces) that would look better on you than others? If so, then this article is for you! And hey….if you are the type to do as you please, then by all means you do you. There are no absolutes in fashion, just suggestions and recommendations.

Take me for example. I have a round face (and a short neck). While I just love long and elegant earrings, most times the really long ones don’t play nice on me. But as you’ll see below, the recommendation for round faces is long earrings. All this to say that these recommendations are generalizations and will not apply to all people that fall into the specific face category.

While there are a couple of face shape categories I don’t cover here, the 5 I do cover are pretty common and most people will fit into one of these categories. These 5 shapes are:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Rectangle/Oblong
  • Triangle (inverted)/Heart
  • Square

I also share examples of jewelry we sell here at The Chill Shop that work with the face shape in each section. Just keep in mind these are products that are available at the time of the release of this blog post.

Let’s get started!

Oval Face

In our first face shape, I am talking to those of you that have an oval shape to your face. It’s longer than it is wider with soft curves at the top and bottom. While this face shape can really accommodate most earring and necklace styles, I do have a few tips to consider.

Stud earrings do really well for oval faces. And while longer earrings can also look nice, you want to be careful to avoid exceptionally long earrings. These can make your face appear longer than it naturally is. Consider some shorter dangle earrings if you don’t want the simplicity of stud earrings. Bright colors can also draw the eyes to either side of your head to also counter the length of your face.

Here are two different earrings we have that would look great for this face type: 

In regards to necklaces, most will look fine with this shape, however, if you stick to shorter necklaces you will find they compliment the oval of your face. Something that lays on your collar bone would look lovely.

Here are a couple of necklaces that you may like: 


Round Face

A round face is just like it sounds, it is as wide as it is tall. Therefore, you want to wear pieces that can help elongate your face. Long vertical pieces can help you do that.

Square shaped stud earrings can bring sharp edges to contrast the circular curve of your face. Or pieces with distinctive vertical lines, like a simple chain drop earring. With the roundness of the face, pieces with lots of angular shapes in them will contrast this shape and look the best.

Two earrings we have that will work well with round faces are: 

Necklaces that are long and what I call “chunky”, also do well with round faces. These will give the appearance of elongating the face. They tend to have prominent pendants that pull them down. You also want to avoid necklaces that are above the collar bone.

Because I tend to wear these chunky necklaces, I end up designing and making a lot that look like this. Here are a few:



 (be careful of the round earrings in this set).

Rectangle/Oblong Face

This face stays the same width from forehead to chin. There may be slightly smaller size at the top & bottom, not not as defined as Oval Face.

Chandelier style earrings work well with this face shape. Those that incorporate wide round curves in them work best. Avoid angular shaped earrings.

Here are two styles we sell:


As for necklaces, because the face shape is longer, consider one that is shorter. Think chokers, or ones that lay on the collar bone.

These two necklaces are in the 18-20” range: 

Inverted Triangle/Heart Face

This face shape is wider in the forehead than at the chin. You could also think of it as “V” shaped.

When considering earrings for this face shape, think about flipping that triangle. So for earrings, you may want to look at shapes that are a “right side up” triangle. Think of “opposites attract”, so the opposite direction of a triangle can compliment the face. Chandelier earrings that flair at the bottom can make a good choice.

Here are two different types of chandeliers we sell that can flip that triangle shape: 

Shorter necklaces that have a lot of movement (ie: curves) to them will help draw the attention away from the length of the jawline.

Here are 2 that we sell: (notice the slight “right side up” triangle shape of the pendant in this one)

Square Face

This last face shape is just as it sounds, square (and please forgive the image for this shape). Typically the jawline is very distinct, giving the shape a squared off effect on the bottom.

Earrings that are large oval hoops or long narrow drop styles can help soften and elongate (respectively) the features of this face type. While we don’t really have any large oval hoop earrings in our inventory, we currently have one long narrow style. However, be on the lookout when our Mother’s Day Collection drops in a couple of weeks for more longer earring selections! 

As with the Round Face, this shape too does well with longer necklaces. The curvier the features of the necklace the better, to soften the sharp edges of the face. Princess length (17-19”) necklaces also do well.

Here are a couple we have: 

At the end of the day, you should get jewelry that speaks to you and makes you happy. But if you struggle finding the right pieces, or you are shopping for someone else, then these tips can certainly help you out.

Take a look at the pieces suggested in your face shape. And don’t forget about the large selection of bracelets that we have that compliment many of the shared earrings and necklaces. We really do have something for everyone!

Until next time,


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