Dianna Rands

Meet Dianna

Since she was 6 years old, Dianna wanted to be a veterinarian. She even started her college career as a biological sciences major to prepare for vet school. As with so many people, it was in college that she changed her major as well as changing colleges. In 1995 she moved from Georgia to Colorado and ended up getting a Business Degree from CU-Boulder (with an emphasis in accounting). 

Fast forward through life (marriage and 2 kids), and Dianna was ready to get back into the workforce after 6 years of being a stay at home mom. In 2011, she opened a salon & spa. While running this business, she became quite intrigued with the new world of using social media to market businesses. So much so, that in 2014, she decided to close her salon & spa and start a digital marketing agency, Chill Digital Marketing. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Dianna felt a drive to get out of her desk chair and be creative with her hands. She has always had a keen eye for jewelry and how to coordinate her rather large collection of pieces with her outfits. Therefore, she decided to start making jewelry to give to friends and family to bring smiles to their faces during these troubling times, while also having the creative outlet she was looking for. 

Time and again she was told “You need to be selling this stuff!” and so in 2021 The Chill Shop was born. With her years of experience owning businesses, she knew instinctively all she had to do to get the shop going. And while Chill Digital Marketing still exists, she only takes consulting clients these days. Most of her time is spent designing and creating the pieces that you find in our online store.

Dianna also spends a lot of time helping local nonprofits in many different capacities. Giving back to her community is what keeps the fire lit within her. Rarely can you find her not doing something. That is also why 5% of all sales go to charity. While the charities may change from time to time, you can feel good about your purchase knowing you are helping a worthy cause.

Fun fact: You may be wondering why her businesses both have the name “Chill” in them. That’s because it comes from her two sons’ names: Charlie & Will.

Did you know.... We donate 5% of all sales to charity. Check out our Giving Back page to learn more.